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Customized Call Recording solutions 

Our team develops comprehensive call recording solutions based on the recording cards developed by Synway – international leader in hardware solutions for call recording. Tested and optimized for various networks, this range of cards allows call recording on analog or digital trunks or ports (including E1 with ISDN – PRI or R2 signaling), IP telephony or proprietary PBX.


Why a Call Monitoring solution?

Most of us have had a telephone conversation with a call center agent. From the very first seconds we are informed that our call may be recorded to ensure quality customer service. Recording the phone calls is also used for training purposes, to improve agents’ performance or selling skills.  

Beyond agent training, nowadays, more and more industries, like financial services, are bound by regulatory requirements to record customers calls in order to prove compliance. Moreover, some companies may face real financial issues or even legal actions when fail to prove that they closely follow different rules or legal proceedings.

Purchase of a call recording solution requires additional investment, but reducing legal and financial risks makes this cost more than useful.

Active recording

It is based on telephony hardware with analog or digital ports that are interposed between the operator’s trunks or lines and the customer’s system.

Passive recording

It is based on digital or analog hardware with high input impedance that can be connected in parallel on the existing trunks (with the client’s system), without other configuration changes.

Who needs a Call Recording solution? 

• Any company, organization or institution that wants to monitor employees for professional evaluation purposes, increasing customer satisfaction or process efficiency;
• Security and protection agencies or institutions that have the legal obligation to record calls.
• Call Centers, call logging in legislature, financial dealing and control and command operations.

GDC Telecom develops secured custom made call logging solutions that adapt to your existing phone system. Recordings are saved in encrypted files in Windows WAV format, available through a Web interface with limited access, easily exportable. Thus, users can select only specific sections of a call, which afterwards they can send via e-mail.

Advantages of a Call Recording solution:

• Compatibility with almost all VoIP systems that use the standard SIP protocol
• Monitoring E1 /T1 trunks for Call Center applications
• High impedance recording of digital lines
• 24/7 continuous recording mode
• Real time call monitoring / listening
• Vast selection of codecs: G.729, GSM, G.711 A-Law, μ-law, Linear PCM, IMA-ADPCM, MP3; VOX format
• Ability to record conversations in uncompressed format (eg. .WAV), so it provides useful information (directly or through voice print software) in investigations and legal interceptions
• Safety for client’s software
• Supports detecting malfunctions in hardware platforms and digital phones, as well as digital line failure
• Access through the Web interface
• Modular design allows simultaneous recording on several channels in different configurations
• Archiving, storage and advanced playback through effective recordings management
• Data is saved securely without the possibility of modification or abuse
• Recordings are arranged as a list so that they can be easily and quickly searched, filtered and sorted
• Export and sending records by email