What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is the process in which all means of communication, communication devices and media are integrated, allowing users to be in touch with anyone, wherever they might be, in real-time.

What is a PBX Phone System?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. The users of the PBX phone system share a number of outside lines for making external phone calls. A PBX also allows you to have more phones than physical phone lines (PTSN) and allows free calls between…
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What is a VoIP telephone / an IP Phone?

A VoIP telephone, also known as a SIP phone or a softphone, allows the user to make phone calls to any softphone, mobile or land line by using Voice over IP (VoIP). A VoIP phone converts the standard telephone audio into digital format so the voice is carried through the internet instead of the traditional…
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What are some advantages of VoIP?

Cost savings – the most attractive feature of VoIP is its cost-saving potential. VoIP reduces cost for equipment, lines, manpower, and maintenance. All of an organization’s voice and data traffic is integrated into one physical network, bypassing the need for separate PBX tie lines. Rich media service – VoIP technology makes rich media service possible,…
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What do I need to start using VoIP?

For a basic VoIP system, you will require an IP Internet connection, a VoIP-enabled phone which can be plugged straight in to your Internet connection or a VoIP adapter (to be used with your standard telephone) or a computer with VoIP software. A lot of companies are now using VoIP and unified communications on their…
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Why VoIP is different compared to Unified Communications?

VoIP refers to a basic Internet-based telephony system. Unified communications is more advanced, amid it’s multiple advantages are sophisticated call center features; conferencing that combines voice, data, video and desktop sharing, and presence, the ability to instantly determine the availability of others within your company.

What is VoIP and how it works?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology enables you to make and receive phone calls over an IP connection instead of over a traditional phone line. On VoIP doesn’t matter the distance between endpoints, it converts your voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet and converts it back at…
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