Call Center Solutions

What is voxmobility?

voxmobility is a Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) Hosted PBX service with extended Call Center features, which includes:
• Manged IP PBX 3CX hosted – Pro license with the contracted simultaneous calls number bundled with telephony service SIP Trunks –  DID numbers (local or international);
• A minimum 99.5% Uptime granted SLA (with contractual penalties for hypothetical lower values);
• A time-limited remote support for reconfiguration, user assistance.

Solution overview – Features

As a Manged 3CX service – voxmobility is a software-based, open standards IP PBX that offers complete, out of the box, Unified Communications. It includes multiple general and specific features, including:

Flexible number of Agents or Users

– A large number of extensions/users (licensing is not done by the number of users, but by the number of simultaneous calls 4/8/16/32/64/128/512/1024);
– Number of Call Center agents could be considered equal with the simultaneous call needed;
– Many plans available (only based on 12 months commitments, tailored for your needs, contributing to increase your visibility;

Extension’s mobility provided by VoIP technology

– It can be used on a fixed IP phone (we are also distributor of the Fanvil brand, certified by 3CX), as well as a desktop/laptop application (MacOS/Windows), WEB interface or iOS/Android mobile phones Apps;
– Extension mobility (the user can be anywhere in the world, the only requirement is an Internet connection). The connection between the user and the cloud-based server is made through a proprietary VPN connection, which makes it impossible to intercept conversations between users by unauthorized persons;
– The solution can be used for multiple locations – defined either by the calling number or by a group of users;

Standard and extended IP PBX features

– Call log, call forwarding, depending on various conditions, call routing, depending on the number dialled or caller, voicemail, music on hold, centralized agenda, call transfer, simultaneous calling on both the fixed phone and on the installed desktop / mobile application;
– Digital receptionist (Auto Attendant), IVR messages (automated welcoming/various messages, that can be set up based on a specific time of the day – during working hours, outside working hours or weekends, legal holidays etc.);
– Different types of reports (based on call type, agents, directions, etc.);

Standard and extended Call Center features

– Call Queuing & Call Queue Group Rights Management;
– Agents’ monitoring (supervisor features – Barge In / Listen In / Whisper) with SLA;
– A wallboard, for at a glance agent monitoring, with SLA notification;
– Click2Call (Browser Extension);
– Click2Talk and Click2Meet;
– Website Live Chat and Talk;
– Call & Queue Reporting and Extended reports (standard and by request;
– Callback;

Highlighted Features

– Call Recording;
– Webmeeting (audio / videoconference / desktop sharing) with 25 / 100 / 250 participants (depending of the license type);
– CRM integration (1C, Amo, Bitrix24, ConectWise, EveryoneAPI, Freshdesk, Freshsales, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Nutshell, Salesforce, vTiger. Zendesk, Zoho) or we can provide APIs for proprietary integration with other applications;
– Fast service delivery (usualy 2-3 days);

Additional services (separately charged)

– Custom Calls Routing:  
     • Using the Authentication component to validate customers based by the prior checking of a database or by PIN;
     • Using the Credit Card Component;
     • Predictive dialing;
– Custom set-up – initial configuration – hourly based charge – usually 5-10 hours;
– SIP Trunks / Numbers (Local or International DID);

Telephony Services 

voxmobility is a Voice over IP service 3CX IP Based, integrated with any 3CX certified or verified SIP Trunk. We can provide SIP Trunks, both with national or DID numbers worldwide. In same time you can use  or you can use your own SIP Trunks or you can port your numbers to our partners telco carriers.
Please do not hesitate to ask for a quote and to compare your actual prices with ours.

Telephony services – SIP Trunks and worldwide DID’s are available only bundled with voxmobility SaaS services.

Choose your plan

We have tailored for you many plans to fullfil your needs. You can choose between many plans, here is some samples. Send us a request giving as much as possible details about your needs.

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